Addis Data Lab is a Limited Liability Company  registered company in Ethiopia. We offer cutting edge and innovative solutions to alleviate business bottlenecks and provide critical recommendations to meet business goals. Our team has provided wide-range digital services to major players in retail, financial, telecom, and manufacturing industries in North America and Europe. We both advise clients on business strategies, as well as work with partners to evaluate market feasibility and bring new products to market. Addis Data Lab has extensive and diverse expertise from research consulting, big data solutions, price optimization, web development, SEO and operations, systems architecture and development, regulatory analysis and reform, and investment and financing.

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Data Analytics

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Pricing Research

We have a unique understanding of the factors that influence the perception of value in your marketplace. Together, we’ll help you develop a sustainable pricing strategy that is practical and that doesn’t leave “money on the table”.

Agile Delivery

Agile delivery is about creating fast iterations of services based on the feedback of real users. It means regularly releasing small pieces of functionality, constant communication between team members, and creating transparency across the team about progress and activity by using walls or online tools.


We follow a process of continual iteration and close measurement to see what needs improvement and to investigate ways of improving the service. It helps us generate new and useful information and translating it into actions.

Marketing Research

We will help you evaluate the “size of the prize”, tell you what competitors are doing and find the most effective route to potential buyers. We can even help you craft your proposition to ensure it truly chimes with what the market wants. In short, we turn insight and data into an effective go-to-market plan.

Digital Leadership

We help your company focus on business strategy and leadership for today’s digital and technology functions. We drive digital transformation include business alignment to transformation and commercial awareness.

Big Data Solutions

We use big data technologies in cost-effective manner to help you analyze and understand your data to find multitudinous benefits for your businesses. We help you understand your big data making it a reality framework, rather than just a buzz word.